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About Watery

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Without swimming gear and swimwear, a swimmer just can’t function. I, Daniel Johannesen, had to acknowledge that as an elite swimmer for more than a decade, since neither my swim buddies or I, back in late 2016, could find a proper swim-shop with EVERYTHING we needed, trustworthy guidance and quick delivery.

This irritation shortly created Watery, which today has grown to become the largest watersports shop in Scandinavia, with 40 of the coolest water sport brands, 45 employees, 150.000 yearly customers, and more than 13.000 different products for swimming, open water, paddleboard, snorkeling etc.

From Basement to 45 colleagues

My great joy from being in and on the water, kickstarted when I was tossed in as a baby, having been born into a proper swim-family. I guess you can swim, if you have to - isn’t that what they say? Read here how this life’s beginning has taken Watery from a warehouse consisting of 5 boxes in my father’s basement, to 45 (swimming) colleagues today, and having inspired 100.000’s of Scandinavians to get more and better experiences on and in the water.

+650,000 water dogs' favourite

A shopping experience unlike anything you've ever experienced before. You can be sure of that here (and if not, we'll more than make it up to you, because unfortunately, we do make mistakes from time to time). Just look at our Trustpilot rating of 4.7 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ after we've helped 100,000s of water dogs with equipment and swimwear over the last 5 years.

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Ireland's biggest selection for water sports
Competent guidance and help

Jump in the water with us

At Watery, we all run extra fast to share our common passion for water sports in all its forms with even more people - hopefully with you? Because that's our sole purpose: to inspire better and more experiences in and on the water.

After our many years as everything from elite swimmers, open water swimmers and paddleboarders, we've learned a lot about the possibilities of water sports, and we'd (very much) like to pass that knowledge on to you when you want to get more out of your swimming, snorkelling or paddleboarding.


There's nothing better than sharing your passion with others - for this reason, we opened Denmark's biggest physical swim store in 2020. One thing is that you can buy and try everything you find here on the site, but also get help and guidance from us 1:1. We hope to see you! (Temporarily closed)

About Watery Products

With over 600,000 pieces of equipment and swimwear sold over the years, we've learnt a thing or two about the products on the market. But we still thought we could do better. That's why we've compiled our experiences into our Watery products. Better features at a better price.

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