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Pregnant bathing suit

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Here you find our bathing suits for pregnant women. We have a wide selection of pretty and comfortable bathing suits, that you can wear throughout your whole pregnancy. They have all been designed so they can adapt to the changes yo...
Pregnant bathing suit
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Pregnant bathing suit

Here you find our bathing suits for pregnant women. We have a wide selection of pretty and comfortable bathing suits, that you can wear throughout your whole pregnancy. They have all been designed so they can adapt to the changes your body undergoes, while you're pregnant.

This doesn't mean however, that you have to sacrifice your personal style - because we offer a lot of great colours and different prints, so you can feel comfortable in your pregnancy bathing suit, while gliding through the water, and enjoy the feeling of lightness and peace of mind. Regardless if you need a cheap or expensive bathing suit for pregnant women, you have landed the right place.

Swimming is without a doubt both a healthy and comfortable activity, while you're waiting for the little one. But it's important that you have a bathing suit that fits properly. All of our pregnancy swimsuits has been designed with comfort in mind, so you avoid the unpleasantries connected with the pregnancy, while you do sports or unwind in the water. this also goes for our tankinis, which is also popular among pregnant women.

This is what a pregnancy bathing suit should be able to do

The most important thing is that the bathing suit should fit your body nicely. It should keep everything in place, and be tight enough to stay put while you move around. It's also very important that it won't slide up the wrong places while you swim.

Our bathing suits from Carriwell, Mamalicius and Mirou all have a lot of comfort, and is made from fabric that can expand. This is a property you'll really like, as your stomach begins to grow. This means that your suit is just as comfortable to wear, when you get to the 9th month, as it was in the beginning of the pregnancy.

All of our maternity bathing suits has "halter" necks, that you may know from regular bathing suit - and dresses. You just tie the straps behind your neck, whichever way works for you. First and foremost it's a beautiful design detail, but it also significantly increases the flexibility of the suit's adjustments.

This way you get extra comfort, which makes it possible for you to adjust the suit across your bosom and your shoulders, so it fits you perfectly. Apart from this you have extra soft cups for the bosom in the suits, which provides ample support when you're going to be active.

What defines a good pregnancy bathing suit?

Bathing suits for pregnant women should be more than just comfortable. Obviously it should also match your personal style. We have solid coloured suits, striped suits, and pregnancy bathing suits with floral prints. So there is ample opportunity to find one that you don't just have to wear because you're pregnant, but that you actually look forward to wearing, because it makes you feel comfortable.

Even though the maternity swimwear is something you wear while you wait for your baby, the drying process is faster than with a normal bathing suit. When you get up from the water, the double lining across the belly means that you will dry up in no time. At the same time, it also provides extra support for your belly while you're in the water.

Another detail that defines a great bathing suit for pregnant women, is extra stretchy openings at the thighs. This ensures that your body can grow without making it more difficult to put on the bathing suit. This helps to make your experience in the water extra comfortable, while it's nice not to have to worry about whether you will grow out of your bathing suit during your pregnancy.

Lastly, it's obviously important that you have the details in order. When you're pregnant, you can be sensitive to many things that didn't use to irritate you as much. A swim cap can keep the hair away from your eyes, and lessen the sensation of pressure on the ears while swimming. As such it's ideal if you want to make the pregnancy swimming more comfortable. A pair og good swim goggles is also a must, basically for all swimmers, so a pair of these always come in handy when you're going to do chlorine water sports.

Pick the right model

With our popular pregnancy swimsuits from Carriwell, Mamalicius and Mirou you get a super comfort with the expanding fabric - great for the belly that grows and grows! You don't have to go out and invest in several different bathing suits.

They have "Halter neck" which increases significantly flexibility in the adjustments compared to other bathing suits - and thus, increases the comfort for you, your shoulders and your bosom. Bathing suits for pregnant women with large bosoms must be comfortable, which all of our pregnancy bathing suit ensures.

We could also call them maternity swimsuits for when you're waiting for the baby - but there's no waiting around when you need to dry this suit! The double lining over the belly area not alone provides additional support, but they also dry quicker than normally.

The different bathing suits for pregnant women has special openings at the legs, which are extra stretchy (called "Stretchy Legs"), which again increases your comfort and natural expansion of your body's volume :-) Yes, they have thought about everything with these pregnancy bathing suits.

There are extra soft cups for the bosom, which again ensures that you get a better support, and a great feeling of a good fit.

The design is very simple, and comes in a great black colour.

Which size should you choose?

It can be a bit tricky to figure out which size you should get when you're pregnant. Typically you should just pick the size you regularly use. Our sizes typically go from X-small to XX-large, so for most people it would be possible to find a pregnant bathing suit that fits.

You should take into account however, that some people gain a few more pounds than others during a pregnancy. If it's not the first time you're pregnant you might know roughly how much you could expect to gain. Or perhaps you just know your body well enough to know basically which way it's going to go.

If you think you will grow a lot, it could be handy to get your maternity bathing suit one size larger than you would usually wear. So if you typically use a size M, perhaps you should get a size L. This is up to you to decide - but if you think that it may be better to get a slightly larger model, there's no shame in this.

This is about having the best amount of comfort, while waiting for your new son or daughter. When you're pregnant, of course it's important to listen to your body's signals.

Buy your new bathing suit for pregnant women at

With the right swimsuit for your pregnancy, you have been ensured the best prerequisites when you're bathing and swimming during your pregnancy. No matter if you are going swimming, or just want to enjoy the feeling of lightness in the water, you can find the right suit with us. Apart from a beautiful selection and a guaranteed high degree of comfort, you also get many other benefits.

Among other things, you are ensured the best price of bathing suits through our pricematch, and we also have:

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

    So hurry up and order your pregnancy swimsuit now, and look forward to many great hours in the water, all the while waiting for the little one to arrive, and hopefully join you in the water before long.

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