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Inflatable bathtub

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For many people, soaking in a bathtub is the epitome of relaxation and cosiness, but not everyone is lucky enough to have one installed at home. If you know the problem, then this is definitely a product you need to have.With the Wa...
Inflatable bathtub
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Inflatable bathtub

For many people, soaking in a bathtub is the epitome of relaxation and cosiness, but not everyone is lucky enough to have one installed at home. If you know the problem, then this is definitely a product you need to have.

With the Watery inflatable bathtub, you have the freedom to take the bathtub with you wherever and whenever you want. For example, you can use it in the privacy of your home's four walls, on the balcony, in the garden or wherever you like.

Made from durable PVC and measuring L:152*W:82*H:50 when inflated, it's an optimal size for almost anyone to fit in, but it's super space-saving when deflated and can be easily stored when not in use. To increase the stability and durability of the bathtub, it is made with two air chambers with two valves, so it can be inflated in two places to maintain a firm shape.

You might think that an inflatable bathtub is not comfortable or convenient to sit in, but this bathtub has a headrest so you can enjoy your bath for longer periods of time. It also has a built-in cup holder so you can take a refreshment while you enjoy your bath. In addition, there's a built-in cover on the top that can be closed to retain heat while still leaving plenty of room for you.

To inflate the tub, simply use the included electronic pump, and when you're done you can quickly use the drain tube to empty out the water and then roll it up..

The Watery inflatable bathtub is available in 3 colour combinations: dark blue/white, black/white and pink/white.

Can an inflatable spa be used in winter?

This type of spa is not intended to be a year-round spa. Normally, the inflatable spa is packed away at the end of the season. A bag is included to store the spa in during the winter.

However, if you want to use the spa during the winter, the inflatable spa can also be used indoors if there is space for it.


  • High durability as it is made of eco-friendly PVC.
  • Stable due to the two air chambers.
  • Quick and easy to fill air with the included electronic pump.
  • Neck support so you can stay in the bathtub for longer periods of time without discomfort.
  • Optimal size so that almost everyone can use the inflatable bathtub.
    - Length: 152 cm
    - Width: 82 cm
    - Height: 50 cm
  • Drain pipe that makes it easy to empty the bathtub from water.
  • Cup holder on one side.

If you want to take your bathtub with you into the living room, to the beach or anywhere else, this is the perfect choice.

Taking care of your inflatable spa

When you have an inflatable spa, it's important to keep the water clean of micro-organisms and bacteria, which you can maintain by using chlorine.

The hot water is a good environment for bacteria, so if the water is not kept bacteria-free, it can contribute to stomach aches and illness.

Another option you can do is to empty the hot tub after each use. But the problem here is that the spa holds several litres of water, so a lot of water needs to be drained and refilled. Then you have to heat up the new water again, which is time- and energy-consuming.

The way to test your bath water is to regularly test the water for pH and chlorine levels.

Here, the pH value should be adjusted to approx. 7.2, while the chlorine level should be adjusted to 1.0.

A tip on what signs to look out for if there is bacterial growth:

  • If the edge of your spa feels slimy and slippery, also known as biofilm
  • Whisk the water with your hand, if more foam appears than normal, it's another sign of unwanted microorganism's in the water.

The way to prevent bacterial growth in your spa is to use chlorine tablets. Chlorine tablets dissolve slowly in a floating dispenser. However, if you don't want a liquid dispenser in the water, you can use granules. Granules dissolve quickly and are therefore also known as shock chlorine. If you use the chlorine granulate, first dissolve it in a clean bucket of water and then pour it into the spa around the edge.

After just one hour, you will have disinfected your bathing water.

However, make sure that the chlorine does not come into direct contact with your bath, as chlorine has a strong bleaching effect.

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