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Swim bags

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In this category, you will find all the well-known and popular swimming bags, which the vast majority of swimmers use daily. A swimming bag is not just any bag. It needs to be relatively large, have multiple compartments, and be inc...
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Swim bags

In this category, you will find all the well-known and popular swimming bags, which the vast majority of swimmers use daily. A swimming bag is not just any bag. It needs to be relatively large, have multiple compartments, and be incredibly durable, which is a crucial criterion for the swimming bags you find here on this page.

A swim bag is essential for every swimmer

As a swimmer, you probably feel the same way as us: you can't live without your swim bag. It goes everywhere with you: to training every single day, to competitions across Ireland, and to training camps abroad. That's certainly how we feel.

A swim bag is indeed essential for a swimmer, and you will almost always see them with their swim bags on their backs. In this way, the swim bag creates a sense of community in the world of swimming, for both adults and children.

And you probably want to join this community too (if you haven't already)? Then hurry up and buy a swim bag! That automatically makes you a part of it ;-)

What's special about a swim bag?

Good question, because why do we suddenly call something a swim bag? It might as well just be an ordinary bag, like any other...? Well, it could be, but it's not. We swimmers have some specific requirements for a bag before it can be called a swim bag.

It needs to have space for MANY things, such as 2 pairs of swimming trunks, 2 pairs of goggles, a pair of indoor shoes, a water bottle, 2 towels, elastic bands and a skipping rope, shorts and T-shirts, food/supplements for after training, and other assorted items.

And swimmers also want to be able to use their swim bag at competitions, where there needs to be space for additional items.

Want a near "checklist" of what should be in your swim bag for swimming training and competitions? Look here.

7 requirements you should have for your new swim bag

  • Spacious and Roomy

    A swim bag needs to accommodate a lot. Ideally, it should be at least 35 litres in size. Bags smaller than this likely won’t fit all of the following items at once.

    • Multiple Compartments for Better Organization

    It's not practical to have everything jumbled up in one big mess. Everything should be neatly arranged. Hence, having multiple compartments of various sizes is essential.

    Most swimmers love to keep their gear organized, both during training and at competitions. To manage all the equipment effectively, several compartments are necessary to store everything neatly.

    In a swim bag, the central part is usually a large compartment for towels and clothes, with two smaller side pockets for goggles/swim caps and a water bottle. Finally, there should be a compartment at the bottom for indoor shoes.

    • Durability

    Swimmers aren’t always gentle with their belongings, especially their swim bags. It's impractical if the bag breaks after just a few tosses.

    Also, a swim bag should withstand being packed to the brim for competitions – we mean really packed, to the point where the zipper is nearly bursting, but still doesn't burst.

    • Sturdy and Durable Zippers

    When a swim bag is used for competitions, it often gets very full (sometimes more than recommended). This means the zippers are significantly stressed and can't afford to break or snap easily.

    • Padded Back

    When a swim bag is fully packed with various swimming gear, it becomes really heavy.

    Therefore, it's crucial that the back of the bag is padded with various cushions to support the back. Otherwise, one risks back problems, or in the worst case, spinal injuries later in their swimming career or life.

    A padded back also makes the bag more comfortable to wear for several hours if necessary.

    • Backpack Style

    A swim bag must be carried on the back. When it's packed heavily, carrying it by hand can ruin one's shoulder and posture.

    Hence, all swim bags should be wearable on the back. This is the preferred method for most, as it allows for carrying additional items like lunchboxes or swim nets in their hands.

    • Waterproof

    Arguably the most crucial feature of a swim bag is that it must be waterproof (which is reasonably obvious). The bag often has to be in a (wet) swimming pool area, where water splashes around. In such situations, it’s vital that the bag keeps its contents dry to avoid, for example, ending up with a soaked towel or wet t-shirts and shorts. So, ensure your swim bag is waterproof.

    Popular Swim Bags from Funkita/Funky Trunks, Speedo, and TYR

    When discussing swim bags in Ireland, you should look around in swimming pools. You'll probably notice three types: the new (and very cool) bags from Funky Trunks, the latest Speedo swim bag, Arena swim bags, or the slightly older TYR bags. These are precisely the types we use and believe to be the best. So, give them a try!

    5 Tips to Prolong Your Swim Bag's Life

    If you take good care of your bag, it's not unusual for it to last 2-3 years.

    However, it can also break within half a year if you don't care about it (which is really regrettable).

    Here are 5 simple tips "from the poolside" that will surely extend the life of your new swim bag for several years. Doesn't that sound tempting?

    • Don't Overpack

    It's fine to pack your swim bag, and it can usually handle a lot but don't overdo it. Even the most durable bags get damaged when overstuffed. A good rule of thumb is to fill it up to the brim, and no more.

    • Treat It with Care

    Like all other things, bags break if they're not treated with respect. Always keep this in mind when carrying your bag. So, avoid throwing or yanking it.

    • Limit Excessive Water Contact

    Even though a swim bag is often waterproof, it doesn't mean it can handle being submerged in water. Repeated submersion will gradually damage the bag.

    • Wash It Periodically

    A swim bag can handle, and benefits from, being washed occasionally. Not necessarily in a tumble dryer or washing machine, but a regular cleaning with airing out afterward.

    • Remove Wet Items Immediately After Use

    Make it a habit to remove wet swimwear/towels immediately after returning from training. This will prevent the bag from developing odors.

    Swim Nets Are Also Here!

    Besides our fantastic swim bags, we also have essential swim nets in this category. All of them are large enough to fit all conceivable swimming gear like snorkels, fins, finger paddles, pull buoys, etc.

    Our most popular and best swim net is the Funky Trunks swim net, which is both really large and made of high quality. Speedo's more neutral swim nets are also very popular and excellent. If these don't suit your taste, TYR's unique but incredibly practical options are available.

    Our price match guarantee ensures you get the best price on all our products, and on top of that, you get:

    • Free shipping on orders over €79
    • 3-5 days delivery
    • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

    Hurry up and find the swim bag that suits you best, and order it while we still have it in stock!

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