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Get your kid's Swimfin Shark Fin at the cheapest price here.Years ago, you probably remember how you had to learn to swim with a big orange belt around your stomach. While it may have helped a little, it was never really comfortable...
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Get your kid's Swimfin Shark Fin at the cheapest price here.

Years ago, you probably remember how you had to learn to swim with a big orange belt around your stomach. While it may have helped a little, it was never really comfortable or good.

The Swimfin shark fin is the exact opposite of this. Here, your kid easily buckles the shark fin around their tummy and can suddenly float while enjoying optimal freedom of movement.

And not only have these relatively revolutionary swim belts from Swimfin won numerous design and kids' awards over the past few years, they have also helped 100s of thousands of kids learn to swim.

Don't want your kid to be the next?

The coolest way to learn how to swim!

You know it and we know it. Your kid, whether it's a boy or a girl, will love swimming around with this on their back at the pool, at home or at the beach.

To look like an actual shark with a shark fin on your back, it just doesn't get any cooler.

We're sure your boy/girl will agree.

Swimfin provides buoyancy when needed

The unique feature, and the reason why these shark fins are significantly better than old-fashioned swim belts around the belly, is the ability to adjust the buoyancy to how well your kid is able to swim.

This means that if your kid can't swim at all, they're automatically kept above the surface of the water, whereas if they can swim on their own, they'll get minimal help from the belt.

This is because the lower the kid's centre of gravity, the more support the belt provides.

Get rid of your swim belt, arm wings, swimming trunks and the swim board

Yes, that's actually not even a lie.

With a Swimfin Shark Fin like this, your kid doesn't have to learn to swim with an orange belt around their belly, those annoying swim flippers and, not least, the big swimming board.

Instead, all they need is this shark fin, which is easy and portable to take on holiday or just down to the local beach or swimming pool.

Why the Swimfin shark fin is great for kids

Basically, it's a fantastic buoyancy aid that provides both security for you as a parent and, not least, freedom for your little boy/girl in the water.

Because with the shark fin on their back, the little one can play in the water just as they please - without having to worry about big flippers on their arms, uncomfortable straps around their belly, etc.

This gives the kid:
- Free movement with the arms = all kinds of swimming strokes can be learnt with the shark fin on

- The head is automatically above water at all times, provided the kid has a minimum of balance. The fin takes care of the rest.

- Possibility to switch between both seated and supine swimming. So if the kid doesn't want to swim forwards anymore, he or she can quickly and easily sit up in the water without much effort.

In addition, these swimfin shark fins are available in all kinds of great colours, including orange. This is a particularly good colour because the more you can be seen in the water, the better. You'll also be better able to find your little one in case of a moment of distraction.

What other parents say about the swimfin Shark Finn

"Great fun. It really works and my boy thinks it's so much more fun than a regular swim belt. It is also easy to install"

"Absolutely fantastic buoyancy product for the little one. Bought for a kid of both 3 and 6 years old. Works perfectly for both. Provides great safety in the water and also great attention from other small kids who also want one :)"

The Swimfin shark fin is recommended for kids weighing between 15 and 30kg as a starting point, but in several tests it has also worked well on a full-grown man.

Quick facts about Swimfin swim belts

  • Is a swim belt shaped like a shark fin
  • Must be worn on the back of the kid
  • Fastened with Velcro straps across the belly in a natural way
  • The advantage is that they do not affect the kid's freedom of movement
  • The lower you set the belt, the more it gives
  • Can also be used for backstroke
  • Measures 27 x 25 x 7 cm
  • Weighs 230 grams
  • Made of plastic material
  • It should NOT be used by kids under 36 months (= 3 years)
  • These Swimfin swim belts fulfil international safety regulations in the form of EN13138 and EN71.

Buy your swimfin shark fin at

Hopefully, you should now be convinced as to why your kid should also swim around with one of these in the swimming pools and on the beach like 100's of thousands of other younger kids?

Of course, you also get:

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

So what are you waiting for? Secure your new Swiimfin today and make your kid even happier on the beach.

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