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Watery ambassadors



We are all part of #TeamWatery

We want to work closely with our ambassadors, who do a great job for us. It's important for us to work with people who fit the Watery spirit and share the same values. We have assembled a strong team in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany who are the face of Watery on social media and in the real world.

We regularly invite our ambassadors to photoshoots where we can build even better personal relationships and create great content together. We live and breathe water sports and so do our ambassadors, which is why these days are always amazing and rewarding.

Watery ambassadors are just one branch of the whole #TeamWatery - you are an equally important part of our community and we appreciate it!

More than a swim shop...

Watery has grown to become much more than just a swim shop over the past few years. The biggest difference is the development of Watery's own product range, now totalling more than 1000 products. This is something we're extremely proud of!

Our biggest and most important mission is to make the best water sports equipment available to everyone. "WATER IS OUR PLAYGROUND" embraces the idea that we all love water and share that common bond. Additionally, we believe that access to the best equipment should be available at fair prices.

Do you want to work with Watery?

This long-term and strong collaboration is important to us, and as an ambassador you can look forward to many great benefits and experiences.

  • Create content for Denmark's largest swim shop
  • Invitations to amazing photoshoots
  • Get exposure on Watery's platforms

We're looking for the right match and you might fulfill one or more of the requirements below.

  • A relevant platform or a solid follower base
  • Flair and desire to create content
  • Passionate about swimming or other water sports

Contact if you want to be an even bigger part of #TeamWatery and tell us why you are a match.

Since the beginning of Watery, sustainability and social responsibility have been on the agenda.

Our story

Read more about how Watery grew from nothing to more than 10,000 unique products.

Why should you shop with us? See the top reasons and connect with us personally.

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