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Earplug swimming

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Find the best earplugs for swimming below. How many swimmers have experienced ear pain during swim training? If you haven't, you should be pretty happy - because unfortunately, this is one of the "consequences" of spending so much t...


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Earplug swimming

Find the best earplugs for swimming below. How many swimmers have experienced ear pain during swim training? If you haven't, you should be pretty happy - because unfortunately, this is one of the "consequences" of spending so much time in the water. It can affect the function of your ears and, in the worst case scenario, reduce your hearing.

Of course, there is a solution to this. And that is, of course, earplugs - earplugs for swimming, that is. Because there is a difference between earplugs. Whether it's regular earplugs for sleeping or earplugs for use in water (an important detail, by the way), as the regular earplugs will definitely "swell" in the water. In addition, earplugs for swimming are usually made of plastic, as are our earplugs here at Watery.ie.

As we mentioned above, there are some very good reasons to use a pair of earplugs for swimming!

Should you always wear earplugs?

Well, let's put it this way: Earplugs for swimming are certainly good for preventing ear problems. However, this doesn't mean that you should always wear earplugs when swimming, because if you haven't experienced ear problems in the past, you don't need them at all.

However, if you do experience minor ear problems, you should still keep an eye on it and perhaps wear earplugs for a while until it hopefully subsides. If that doesn't happen, you should probably go to the doctor to check it out. It could be that you have what's known as "swimmer's ear" - or Otitis externa, if you prefer that word.

Personally, we at Watery.ie have not yet experienced any problems with our ears, which is why we have not used earplugs for swimming - despite being in the water for over 10 years. However, many of our teammates have been diligent earplug users who have been forced to use earplugs because they would otherwise damage their ears. So for them, earplugs have definitely been a helping hand. And it can certainly do the same for you!

The best earplugs

At Watery, we've tested our different earplugs.

Based on these tests, we came up with this top 5 of the best - find it here

There are recommendations for both kids and adults.

How to avoid "swimmer's ear" - 3 tips

As previously described, a consequence of a lot of activity in water can be the development of so-called "swimmer's ear" - or in medical terms: Otitis externa. But just because you spend a lot of time in the water doesn't mean you have to develop ear problems. We're proof of that ourselves. But if you still want to prevent it as much as possible, we recommend following these 3 tips

- 1. dry your ears very thoroughly immediately after swimming or other water activities. If you don't, the water will remain inside the ear, which is not good in any way.

- 2. tilt your head from side to side. You might know this advice, but you probably don't do it anyway - maybe because it looks a bit silly? But all or nothing, it's really effective in preventing "swimmer's ear". Just do it a couple of times on each side after each workout.

- 3. use earplugs. You probably guessed this one, but it's the most effective way to avoid it. This way, hardly any water enters the ear at all.

Water in your ear?

Do you also experience that annoying feeling of water in your ears a few hours after going to the swimming pool/beach/shower?

Here, one of the earplugs above may also be the right solution - ideally in combination with a swim cap as well.

If you're also experiencing problems with water in your ear, read our guide on how to remove it.

Earplugs don't irritate - at least not ours!

You can probably imagine... How those earplugs can be insanely annoying and half painful when you're swimming. Some earplugs are like that too. But luckily, we've eliminated them from our range on this page, so you can only find the best (and the ones that don't bother you).

Our earplugs for swimming are so good that you won't even notice they're in your ears during your workout. They also don't fall out all the time (and you don't have to keep pushing them back in) - and whether you swim with or without a swim cap, they just stay in place..

Buy your earplugs for swimming here at Watery.ie

We know the problem of water in the ears, and that's why we're super happy with all the earplugs you'll find here on the site. When you shop with us, you also get:

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
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