Watery swim nappies for kids - Neoprene Swim Nappy - Nordic Green Stripes


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  • 1mm neoprene, for increased warmth and comfort
  • Resistant to mold and bacterial growth
  • Soft lining on the inside for increased comfort

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  • 1mm neoprene, for increased warmth and comfort
  • Resistant to mold and bacterial growth
  • Soft lining on the inside for increased comfort


Lækagefri, praktisk og den rette pasform. Det er nøgleordene fo

Leak-proof, practical and the right fit. These are the key points for our most popular nappy swimming trunks, Watery Neoprene Swim Nappy's, which make them loved by many children (and not least their parents) all across the world. Constructed in a thin 1 mm anti-bacterial neoprene, which provides great warmth in the sometimes cold water and a comfortable experience to wear, so your child can experience absolute freedom. Lives 100% up to the new requirements from the swimming pools, here in the most popular colour model for boys - Atlantic Orange.

As all fathers and mothers know, accidents can indeed happen and if it is the case without proper swimming trunks, it can be difficult to continue swimming afterwards. With the ergonomically adapted fit of the Neoprene Swim Nappy's and the wide lining around the stomach and at the thighs, you get maximum safety against spills and leaks from accidents. This also means that these Swim Nappies work, and can be used by themselves, but to make to make the subsequent cleaning of the nappy swimming trunks easier, it is still recommended that a Wrap or insert is used underneath.

The special neoprene material is in addition to its leak-free function, also:

  • Resistant to mold and bacterial growth. This means that nothing happens if they are left wet in the swimming bag for a couple of days.
  • Very flexible and soft, meaning that for most children they feel completely natural to wear without being disturbed by irritating material, even over a long period of time.
  • 100% free of phthalates and without latex
  • UPF 50+ sun protection

With the specially adapted fit, they are easy and quick to put on and take off. Roll down the waistband, and guide your child's legs down through the leg openings, and then finally pull them up completely. For the optimal fit, they should end just above the stomach and sit well down the legs.

Due to the ergonomically adapted fit, which makes them leak-proof and ensures a comfortable fit, the nappy swimming trunks are not equipped with annoying elastics, so your child avoids unpleasant marks or skin abrasions on the skin from the nappy.

Reusable diaper swim trunks like these are estimated to emit 1.5 - 2.5 times less Co2 in manufacturing compared to disposable diapers.

Design wise you here get our most popular design, in the shape of Nordic Green Stripes. The model also comes in many other colours, such as Atlantic PinkAtlantic PurpleAtlantic Orange, Pink Stripes, Purple Stripes, Nordic Pink Stripes, Nordic Blue Stripes, Green Stripes, Atlantic Blue and Turquoise Stripes

Product specifications for the Watery Neoprene Swim Nappy

  • Lives up to all requirements from swimming pools
  • Constructed in 1 mm neoprene, which provides mobility and increases warmth
  • On the inside, a soft lining is added, makes them more comfortable for the child to wear for a long time.
  • Developed in a special material that is anti-bacterial and resistant to mold and bacterial growth.
  • With no elastic, so your child avoids getting red marks
  • 100% free from phthalates and latex
  • UPF 50+ sun protection

Washing instructions

The nappy jammers should be hand washed in cold water and then laid out to dry (not in direct sunlight) immediately after use. You shouldn't use any kind of detergent, but if there should be a little accident, it may be a good idea to use soap shavings.

These diaper swim trunks from Watery have been voted Best for the Price in the Diaper trunks category.

bedst til drenge - blebadebukser

Read more about the award of Watery Neoprene Swim Nappy as Best At The Price in the Nappy Swimwear category here.

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Watery swim nappies for children - Neoprene Swim Nappy - Atlantic Orange

Anders Mårtensson

Cool looking swimpants. Youngest son loves them.

Helle Toft Jensen

Super product. Lives up to expectation 👍🏻

Helle Toft Jensen

Great product. Lives up to expectation 👍🏻

Martin Pedersen
Super good

Super good and sits well.

Martin Pedersen
Super good

Super good and a great fit.

Gudrun Gjesing
Baby swimming pants that hold tight ....

Imagine if we could get all the babies going to baby swimming to use these swimming pants that hold onto what they need - instead of using, for example, one -time swim diapers. Disposable swimming diapers is a really bad solution: they are 100% soaked after a few seconds in water, so not only can they not suck and hold onto it - they also do baby gumping heavy.
Baby swim pants are expensive, because they need to be replaced approx. every 3 months, so that they partly hold what they need and do not get too tight for baby. For our baby swimming, we have made a "swap center" so that the parents deliver the swimming pants when they have become too small, and they are then handed out a few in the number bigger!

Gudrun Gjesing
Baby swimming trunks that stay tight....

Imagine if we could get all babies in baby swimming classes to wear these swim pants that hold what they need to - instead of using disposable swim nappies, for example. Disposable swim nappies are a really bad solution: they are 100% soaked after a few seconds in water, so not only do they fail to absorb and retain what they're supposed to, they also make baby bulky.
Baby swimming trunks are expensive because they need to be replaced about every 3 months to keep them in place and prevent them from becoming too tight for baby. For our baby swimming lessons, we have set up an exchange centre", so parents can return the swimming trunks when they are too small and they will receive a pair in a larger size!"

Karin Thorup


Karin Thorup

Watery nappy pants for kids - Neoprene Swim Nappy - Nordic Blue Stripes

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