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Many asked for it and surprisingly many have already adopted it. Watery's unique wetsuit especially for breaststroke in the open sea, Reptile Breast for men. A combination of a special composition of the neoprene thicknesses, our flex-compound in the shoulders and premium Jako neoprene gives open water swimmers the opportunity to swim breaststroke and front crawl in the optimal wetsuit.

So what makes the Reptile Breast unique to breaststroke? Before we get to that, however, it is important to emphasize that the wetsuit can also easily be used for normal freestyle swimming. Reptile Breast is just specially adapted for breaststroke.

The distribution of neoprene thicknesses - Ordinary wetsuits aim to raise the legs and waist above the surface of the water, so that you lie as straight as possible in the water and thus create the least possible water resistance. The opposite is true when you have to swim breaststroke
- Where ordinary wetsuits aim to raise the legs and waist above the surface of the water. So that you lie as straight as possible in the water and thus create the least possible water resistance, the opposite is true when you have to swim breaststroke. Therefore, the neoprene distribution is slightly reversed, where it has 5 mm thickness on the front of the chest, 3 mm on the back, while the suit on the legs has only 2 mm. Ultimately, it allows the legs to remain submerged in the water and thus enables the natural breaststroke.

Highly stretchable inner leg and arm panels (our unique Flex compound).
- In breaststroke, it does not go up and down when you kick with your legs or arms, as it does in crawl. Instead, it goes out to the sides and around (also called lateral leg movement). That is why the neoprene in Reptile Breast is equipped with our special Flex-compound on the inside, which is highly stretchable and naturally breathable.

Ultimately, these two characteristics mean that you get a natural breaststroke position in the water.

In addition, the Reptile Breast for men is equipped with

The entire wetsuit has a smooth-skin surface treatment, which prevents water from penetrating the neoprene and thus prevents you from getting wet on the inside and the suit becoming heavy to swim in. The water bounces off, which also minimizes the time for drying the wetsuit after swimming. The Smooth skin also lays down a protective layer that makes it resistant to nails or quick-removal of the wetsuit, which typically leaves annoying holes.

The Reptile Breast is constructed from Premium Jako neoprene, which, in addition to its long durability without becoming limp. It is also particularly known for its high heat resistance, which keeps the body warm in colder water, which enables you to swim longer in the water with high performance.

Therefore, the Watery Reptile Breast wetsuit can also be used in water that is between 10 and 26 degrees. In Ireland, it is typically from mid-April to the end of September.

The openings at the neck, wrists, and ankles are made with special no-leak panels with a built-in lighter elastic, so that the wetsuit does not fill up with cold water inside. To still avoid discomfort in these areas, the panels also only consist of one layer. The neckline is also lowered so that it aligns more naturally around the neck and closes perfectly with the curved Velcro closure at the back, so you avoid unpleasant chafing wounds on the neck.

The suit zips on the back with the most durable zip, YKK, in stainless steel and also has a string attached to it, so you can easily pull the zip up even over your head.

In order to ensure high visibility towards large vessels in the water and those on the bank, orange shades have been added to the Reptile Breast wetsuit on the forearm so that you are easily visible in the water.

Benefits and product specifications for the Watery Reptile Breast wetsuit for men

  • Different neoprene thicknesses in specific areas of the Reptile Breast wetsuit, ensuring high flexibility in the arm stroke and keeping the lower body submerged to maintain the natural breaststroke position
    - 5 mm on the chest
    - 3 mm around the waist, hips, and thighs
    - 2 mm on the lower legs
    - 2 mm on the shoulders and in the armpit
    - 1 mm at the wrists, ankles, and neck
  • Constructed from premium Jako Neoprene, known for its durability and high thermal resistance
  • Black body with colour on the back and forearms, providing necessary visibility in water
  • Speed-cuff panels on the forearms that capture water for a better feel of the water
  • Durable YKK zip in stainless steel at the back, ensuring quick and easy donning and doffing
  • Smooth-skin treated to prevent water penetration and resistant to punctures from nails
  • Recommended for use in water temperatures between 10 and 26 degrees Celsius

How to take the best care of your Reptile Breast wetsuit when cleaning and storing

The correct treatment of the wetsuit after each trip in the water is crucial for durability on the longer course. The neoprene in the wetsuit is damaged over time by too much salt (in the sea) or too much chlorine (in a swimming pool).

You should wash the wetsuit in cold water after each use and if it has become particularly dirty add a bit of pH-neutral soap to maintain the neoprene optimally.

Then it should be hung to dry until the moisture both inside and outside is gone before it is folded up / put away. This can either be done indoors (with good ventilation) or outdoors (but not in direct sunlight)

When the wetsuit is to be stored, it is important that you do not simply crumple it up. Instead, it should be hung on a hanger across the middle so that it does not fold on the most sensitive areas (shoulders, arms, legs) and the construction of the wetsuit is maintained.

This is the best way to put the Reptile Breast wetsuit on and off:

    • Unzip the wetsuit completely at the back and fold the top part down
    • Insert one leg and pull it all the way through, followed by the other leg
    • With either gloves or without using nails, pull the wetsuit up in small sections over the hips so that it sits at the waist
    • Then pull it up further so that one arm can go all the way through and then the other arm, so that it fits snugly on the body
    • At the back, grab the long nylon cord and gently pull the zip all the way up
    • Close the Velcro flap at the top and secure the nylon cord at the start of the zip with the attached Velcro

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Sebastian Eklund
    Perfectly okay

    Feels good, but small in size, otherwise super.

    Jim Lyster

    Reasonable and fast return / complaint service.

    Lars Truelsegaard

    Super quality, but very small in size

    Sebastian Eklund
    Completely okay

    Feeling good but small in size, otherwise super

    Peder R.
    Very pleased with the suit but

    Very happy with the suit but remember not to order too small I should have a number bigger than usual

    Janus N.
    Little challenges with the delivery of

    Little challenges with the delivery of correct items but the product is very good quality

    Bjørn P.
    Squeezes too much in breasts

    Squeezes too much in breasts

    Christian Lindh
    The product is broken upon delivery. Received a new one that was also broken


    Christian Lindh

    The product is broken upon delivery. Received a new one that was also broken

    Martin Persevall
    Small and fragile

    Very small in size and it cracks very easily. Got several holes in the wet suits I tried just by putting them on.

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