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Watery paddleboard - Global 10'6 SUP - Blue


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Watery paddleboard - Global 10'6 SUP - Blue
In stock Only 416 in stock Sold out - notify me


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  • Over 30.000 sold = 4.6 om reviews
  • Made with an extra strong 6-layer construction
  • Non-slip backing on the surface

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  • Over 30.000 sold = 4.6 om reviews
  • Made with an extra strong 6-layer construction
  • Non-slip backing on the surface


  • The kit contains all the gear you need for your paddleboard: Global SUP board, full repair kit, large travel bag with room for everything, Pump, divisible aluminum paddle, leash for around the ankle and fin
  • The size fits the whole family — From 8 to 70 years (10'6 = 320 cm long)
  • Contrary to the norm in this price range, this Global Sup paddleboard is made in a 6-layer construction, including 2 layers of PVC plastic for significantly increased rigidity
  • Developed for Irish conditions in a great design
  • More than 15,000 sup boards have already been sold to Irish first-time users of paddle boards
  • Test winner / recommended after tests  "Best all-around beginner paddle-board for kids + adults".

This Global SUP board is an all-around paddleboard, which in length, width, and weight is suitable for the whole family. The centre of the board is constructed in a 2-layer PVC plastic compared to the normal 1 (2,800g/sqm2), which gives the board increased stiffness and thus stability, so that even the beginners can stand on it without problems. Between the two 2 layers of PVC plastic, so-called drop stitches have been added, which are reinforced with an adherent surface to which the PVC layers are welded. This means that, despite 2 layers, the board still remains lightweight, but just further strengthened in stiffness.

In total, the board is constructed of 6 layers, which in addition to the 2 layers of PVC plastic and the drop stitch, also consists of the environmentally friendly EVA mat on top, making the board non-slip to stand on. Between the mat and the PVC layers, there are two extra nylon layers, which makes it resistant to impacts and tears. The different layers are welded together instead of glued, which in the end makes the durability significantly better. That's why we also give a full 3-year warranty without breaking a sweat, because the Global paddleboard has added several things, which ultimately make the usability and durability longer.

It is also this extra stiffness that makes it more than possible for two adults to be on the board at the same time without it almost snapping in the middle. 

The high degree of rigidity, combined with the wide profile for stability, is also what makes it possible to stand on your hands on the board out on the water. But don't just take our word for it — try it out for yourself:

Specifications making it perfect for beginners

Size (length / width / weight)

The board is in the most common size: 10'6, which means 320 cm long and 76 cm wide and 15 cm thick

All parts can fit in the storage bag and have a size of approximately L: 90 cm, W: 50 cm and H: 25 cm when everything is packed in the bag.

The board alone weighs 7.4 kg and with accessories in the bag 10.2 kg.

The paddleboard has a maximum pressure of 15 PSI = 1.03 bar, which gives a higher degree of buoyancy than similarly sized boards.

It contains 298 litres of air, which means that it can be used for both you who weigh 40 kg and up to 130 kg as a max.
The shape of the end of the paddleboard in particular is important for what type of board it is for.

Our Global SUP board is made with a pin front, which is the most optimal for beginners. This makes it possible to quickly get up to speed, while the area where you stand is somewhat wider and therefore easier to balance on.
Extra warranty We pressure tested the board over 8 months, which showed us that it still kept its air pressure. Therefore, we can also offer 1-year extra warranty on this Global model with absolute peace of mind.
The board consists of a total of six layers, two of which are two layers of PVC plastic, which provides the unique stiffness, durability and comfortable standing platform. This PVC runs vertically with woven fibres from the deck and through the cavity. It is also the popular technology called drop-stitch.
Paddle The paddle is made from hard plastic. The paddle is therefore stiffer and thus more efficient in the water — to give you the absolute combination of quality, where the price is still kept low.
Paddle Size The head of the paddle is 100 in2, which is the standard size for all-around paddle boards, which fits both adults and kids

The length of the paddle can be adjusted in length from 210 cm to 160 cm
— A good rule of thumb for all-around paddle boards is that they should be 15-20 cm longer than you are tall, which is why this one is also suitable for both kids, women and men.

Overall, this unique combination of size, shape, and construction makes it an obvious choice for new / inexperienced paddleboarders and for the whole family. In other words, it is well suited for longer trips on calm water as well as on water with up to 50 cm waves.

The board can withstand a maximum of 130 kg.

We have sent +20,000 boards to happy customers — see why they picked Watery Global SUP-boards

In the video below, Daniel reviews the board from start to finish and explains the above specifications. He also shows what the accessories look like, how to get the board ready, and various tips and tricks to get the most out of it. This video was recorded in connection with the fact that we got 2,000 boards home in stock, and before they were sent out to everyone who had pre-ordered, Daniel just recorded this.

How can we sell our paddleboards so cheap — and still in the same high quality as the more expensive alternatives?

A question we experience getting again and again in our mail, chat, and phone is precisely the one above. And I understand why you wonder. So now I will try to answer it here.

First and foremost, our Global Sup paddle boards are made from the starting point of being the perfect board for beginners of any age who just want to have fun on the water. That is, it is NOT made for competitive use. So the development therefore did not take into account that it should be the fastest board on the water, nor the lightest — but instead focused on it being easy to stand on for completely new beginners, kids and adults.

In order to still be able to ensure the comparable high quality and durability of the more expensive alternatives, we get our paddle boards produced in the same factory as the established paddle board brand.

So, the cheap price is then mainly due to two things:
1. We have developed and designed it ourselves in collaboration with the factory, and the board therefore comes directly from the factory for sale at Watery to you. The established paddle board brands, on the other hand, often have a factory, a brand, a European distributor, an Irish distributor, a retail webshop, and then it ends at your doorstep. When we at Watery sell directly to you, you avoid paying for a lot of middlemen, all of whom have to make money from the resale. This ultimately pumps up the price for you as the end consumer — despite the same quality, product, and factory.
2. We have achieved a high volume relatively quickly over the last year with +15,000 paddle boards sold, which means that we have also received a much better price from the factory than we had when we started.

Other benefits of the paddleboard

  • Large tri-fin set: one fin for the middle and two smaller fins on the back, which provide exceptional stability on the water
  • Large EVA foam padding in the centre on the front in two parts, which gives you a comfortable standing platform as well as a high degree of slip resistance. The fact that it is divided in two also allows two people to stand on the same board at the same time

All necessary SUP gear is included

  • Storage bag that you can transport the board in. You can wear the bag as a separate bag or carry it in your hand
  • Pump so you can quickly and easily inflate your paddle board
  • Paddle to manoeuvre in the water
  • Safety leash that you fasten on the board and around your ankle, so you are always sure to have your board close to your side — even if you should fall into the water
  • Repair kit so you can repair the paddle board yourself
  • Main fin, which is removable
  • Strap to tie the board together when you're done using it and then put it in the bag


Upgrade your paddleboard:

In addition to all the cool things that are already included in the purchase of one paddleboard, you have the option of adding even more cool products that will make your experience with the paddleboard better. You can purchase a wide range of products that are useful when you need to use your paddleboard. If you would like to sit comfortably while you are on the water, you can buy a nice seat that fits all our Watery paddleboards. If you want to make it even more convenient to use your paddleboard, you can also choose to replace the associated manual pump with an electric pump, which easily handles the inflation work in cooperation with the smart valve.

The possibilities are many, but most additional products have in common that they will make your paddleboard experience more fun and not least safe. You can buy waterproof bags and mobile phone cases that can also be used as key storage.

Also, remember that it is a legal requirement to have a life jacket on board when you stand on a paddleboard. Here we have, among other things, life jackets for kids and adults, which you can have a closer look at by clicking here. In addition, the Irish weather can be quite changeable, which makes it a good idea to get a wetsuit that suits the weather, and an accompanying neoprene set.

In addition to the options to upgrade your paddleboard, we offer a wide range of products as additional accessories that fit our paddleboard:

If you are interested in any of the above products, you can go directly to the product by clicking on the product name in the list below:

Paddleboard seat (Click here to see the product) 37€
Mesh-bag (Click here to see the product) 9€
Straps for paddleboard (Click here to see the product) 15€
Electric pump (Click here to see the product) 71€
Waterproof pocket for phone/keys (Click here to see the product) 9€
Bag for paddle (Click here to see the product) 14€
Valve adapter (Click here to see the product) 8€


All-round paddleboard:

This is an all-round paddleboard, which means that you can use it in all conditions, which is why it is, for example, optimal for beginners who want to try their hand at the sport. However, it can also be used by experienced people due to its width and glide in the water.

The fact that the board is all around means for you that you get a board that is broadly shaped and can be used in both flat water and waves. In addition, it is “drop-stitched” which enables the board to be inflated and retain its hard shape. In addition, it has a non-slip surface on the surface of the paddleboard so that you can stand more easily. In short, it makes your trip on the water a breeze with the freedom to manoeuvre the board due to its perfect width and thickness.

If you should be nervous about losing your balance, you can fortunately fasten the included “safety leash”, so that if an accident happens, your board will not float away from you.

In addition to the board being inflatable, it is equipped with a durable handle so that you can also easily transport it when it is inflated. In addition, with the luggage net, you can easily keep your equipment firmly on the board.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 180 reviews
Pia Brantbjerg
Sub board bought online Saturday afternoon in pimswn

Received on Sunday! Cool boarding pass, good price, super fast delivery and excellent service.


Good price/performance ratio

christian nielsen
happy first time customer

what I bought was just fine and arrived as promised

Claus Rudbeck
Good and fast delivery

Very satisfied with purchase - fast and very informative emails, so that I always had an idea of ​​where my delivery was.

Magnus Ek
Fast delivery

Everything went very smoothly, no weirdness :)
However, have not tested the product yet as it is a Christmas present !!

Jan Dombernowsky

Can't review the product until it is unpacked and tested for next spring/summer

Frank Toftum
Good service when ordering

When I was in doubt if the board was suitable for a beginner, I contacted Watery by phone and got good guidance.
I received the ordered time for the agreed time.

Frank Toftum
Great service when ordering

As I was unsure whether the board was suitable for a beginner, I contacted Watery by phone and received good guidance.
I received what I ordered at the agreed time.

Monica Friend
Very satisfied. Smooth and easy to handle. Good training.

Super happy

Monica Friend
Super happy

Very satisfied. Smooth and easy to handle. Good training.

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