Watery exercise swim goggles - Raven Active - Black/smoke


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Watery exercise swim goggles - Raven Active - Black/smoke
In stock Only 381 in stock Sold out - notify me


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  • Never again fog on the glasses with anti-fog treatment
  • Polarized lens = 100% UV-ray protection
  • Polycarbonate lens that makes the glasses extremely durable

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  • Never again fog on the glasses with anti-fog treatment
  • Polarized lens = 100% UV-ray protection
  • Polycarbonate lens that makes the glasses extremely durable


This is our most comfortable swimming goggle with a unique 3D-made fit, which ensures that water is kept out of the goggle and does not make marks around the eyes - which is why Raven Active has also quickly become our most popular goggle among both female and male exercisers. swimmers, open water swimmers as well as regular bathers who value comfort and fit the most. Here in the black color with smoke glass.

Typically, regular bathers, recreational swimmers and open water swimmers have these problems with their swimming goggles

  • Water gets into the swimming goggles.
  • They sit uncomfortably and cause irritation after just a few minutes of swimming.
  • They cover the whole face, fog up, are not easy to tighten, and the lens gets scratched (okay, that was several issues).

With numerous tests in the water before they hit the market and now with feedback from +10,000 swimmers worldwide who swim with these Raven Actives on a daily basis, the Raven Active is the goggle you need if you want to avoid these annoying problems.

This is due to several special features of Raven Active

  • Premium silicone eye cup with unique suction capability.
  • The eye cups on the Raven Active, which sit against your eyes, are made from specially soft and flexible premium silicone, featuring a unique suction capability around the eye.
  • This also means you can easily perform the typical glasses test: Put the glasses on your eyes without straps, and they will still stay in place.
  • For you, this means a swimming goggle where you don't have to tighten the straps much, thus avoiding red marks and allowing you to swim with them for several hours without noticing them.
  • 3D-customized eye cups for both men and women.
  • The size and shape of the eye cups have been adapted after numerous 3D tests with over 150 swimmers, ensuring an optimal fit on a wider range of face shapes for both women and men - resulting in no water entering the goggles.
  • Additionally, the eye cups sit over the eyes, not inside and close to the eyes.
  • Unique polarized polycarbonate lens.
  • Raven Active is equipped with a special polarized lens that provides 100% eye protection against harmful UV rays and sunlight, offering crystal-clear vision in natural underwater colors, and eliminating reflected light. This ensures frictionless swimming with full vision regardless of the sun, making Raven Active perfect for both indoor swimming and particularly for open water and the beach.
  • The lens is also made from the strongest material, polycarbonate, which is resistant to breaking or changing shape.
  • 100% anti-fog treated - always.
  • The polarized lens also has built-in anti-fog technology; just dip the goggles in water before use, activating the anti-fog so you can swim with clear vision without worrying about fogging. This is also made possible by the special 3D-customized eye cups, which do not create condensation inside the goggles.
  • Click-adjustable double straps with anti-slip.
  • On both sides of Raven Active, you find easy-to-adjust buttons, easily pressed when adjusting the length of the straps.
  • The strap is two-part, so they can be optimally placed behind the head, making the glasses sit more stable.
  • Additionally, anti-slip knobs are added to the straps, so you don't risk them slipping off during swimming.
  • 180 degrees unobstructed view.
  • Raven Active features curved High-definition lenses, offering the widest possible 180-degree field of view to both sides, so you always have full orientation underwater. Moreover, the high-definition lenses mean that despite the wide field of view, you still have sharp vision all the way to the edges, where with ordinary goggles, sharpness is only in the lens's center - when you look straight out of the glasses.
  • Flexible and soft nose bridge.
  • Most nose bridges between the two lenses are made of plastic. With Raven Active, you get a soft, flexible, and ergonomically adapted nose bridge made of silicone, which doesn't chafe or press on the nose and adapts to the natural movements during swimming.
And to make sure that wasn't enough, the Raven Active comes with a completely free breathable microfiber bag in which you can store the swimming goggles before and after use. This way you avoid scratches on the lenses and they can dry quickly.

This Raven Active in black has smoke lenses. It can be used both in the swimming pool and on the beach. In addition to this, the Raven model is also available with Mirror glass in several colors - Black/yellow, Black/blue, Black/white, Black/red, Black/silver, Black/gold, Grey/silver, Black/blue, Light blue/gold, Pink /silver, Pink/gold, Purple/silver, Dark blue/silver, Dark blue/gold. It is exactly the same glasses and functions, the only difference is the Mirror lens, which means that people from outside cannot see into your eyes.

So if you want to find the best fitting and most comfortable swimming goggles that will ensure you a good swimming experience every time for several years, then a clear overweight chooses this Raven Active today.

These open water / tri swimming goggles from Watery have been voted Best For The Price in the Open Water Swimming Goggles category.

bedst til prisen - tri svømmebriller

Read more about the selection of Watery Raven Active as Best For The Price in the Swimming Goggles For Open Water category here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Vilija Kuusela
Not doubt that this is such a nice and good product

5 out of 5

Anne Juhl
My first diving goggles :-)

They work! AND after 15 laps in the pool there was neither water nor mist in the glasses. I am a fan…..!

Very good

The swimming goggles fit very well and you don't have to tighten them tightly for them to be tight thanks to the fact that they sit a bit like a suction cup around the eyes. The strap is easy to adjust. They also don't fog up. Very comfortable.

Elisabeth Bu
Satisfied customer

The product is very good. The glasses fit very well and are very comfortable to wear.

Mary Cotter
Very unsatisfied
Very satisfied
Very small
Very big
Matched expectations:
Not at all
Very well

Arrived today fitrwd very well. Fine big cover. Comfortable. Will be swimming tomorrow a m. Morw to follow on first use.

Per Åbom
Very pleased!

Nice fit and good visibility underwater! 😃👍

Jana Ivarsson
Fantastic swimming goggles

good visibility underwater!

Preben Lauridsen
Swimming goggles

Super product and price

Nina Bøgild
Raven Active - Nice goggles

I have bought the swimming goggles for my adult son and they are just fantastic, he says. They are tight and very comfortable.

Ruben Møller

Super good product for the price

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