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The perfect swimming kit for the serious swimmer with both pullbuoy and kick board. With this bundle, you will have all you need to make your swimming even better by being able to isolate certain areas in swimming - just like the best in the world. Both pullbuoy and kick boards are made in a unique composition of EVA foam, which provides the highest buoyancy in both plate and pullbuoy, and at the same time a comfortable use due to the design.

Watery Heat Kick Board

  • Made from 100% Premium EVA foam, which gives the board a very high degree of buoyancy from the compact structure, so that you don't create unnecessary water resistance and thus lie in the same horizontal way in the water as if you were swimming normally. Some kick boards have a tendency to go under the water when the arms are raised. You avoid this with Heat.
  • The special foam also gives the plate a high degree of rigidity, which ensures that the plate does not move from side to side, but is stable in the water.
  • Despite the stiffness, the plate is still lightweight and therefore weighs in at only 430 grams, giving the plate a natural feeling during use.
  • In addition, the Heat swimming plate is surface-treated, which gives it the great finish with the result that you avoid annoying marks and red underarms during and after use. This surface treatment also means that the water drips off the plate and does not absorb the water into the foam either, so you avoid a wet plate when you are done swimming.
  • Can be used  both for training crawl, back crawl, butterfly and chest-leg kick
  • Designed with two comfortable holes for the hands, which provide an optimal and comfortable holding position. These are strategically placed further up on the plate, so that you also have your elbow on the plate.
  • Has a rounded shape on the front and side, which both allows the board to be held on the side and minimizes the water resistance that the swim board creates as it cuts through the water so that it runs around instead of piling up in front.
  • The structure also makes it easy to make quick turns with the kick board.
  • The design is simple and stylish in a purple colour with the characteristic waves in a contrasting colour across
  • Resistant to UV rays, so the colours remain vibrant - even over long periods of use both inside and outside.
  • Suitable for swimmers aged 10 and up with the measurements
    - Length from top to bottom: 42 cm
    - Width of widest part: 29.5 cm
    - Thickness: 3 cm

Watery Heat Pullbuoy

  • The Heat Pullbuoy's special design with a teardrop shape means that it sits better between the legs and at the same time provides more buoyancy, as the large end is up towards the ceiling/sky. This shape also means that it creates less water resistance compared to pullbuoys with equal ends.
  • This teardrop shape also means that it actually sits between the legs, regardless of whether you swim straight out, have to do a kettlebell turn or you swim butterfly, breaststroke, back crawl or normal crawl swimming.
  • With rounded edges for a more comfortable feeling to swim with over prolonged periods of time.
  • Made from 100% Premium EVA foam, which gives the pullbuoy a very high degree of buoyancy from the compact structure, so that your legs do not lie half down on the bottom and thus avoid creating unnecessary water resistance, so that instead you always lie on it the same horizontal way in the water as if you were swimming completely normally. This is achieved completely by itself without having to tighten up the abdominal region and despite possible fatigue after prolonged use.
  • The pullbuoy is surface-treated, which is the reason for its great finish, with the result that you avoid irritating skid marks and red marks on the thigh during and after use. This surface treatment also means that the water drips off the pullbuoy and does not absorb the water into the foam either, so you avoid a completely wet pullbuoy when you have finished swimming.
  • The pullbuoy itself is lightweight despite the high buoyancy, i.e. it weighs only 240 grams. The lightness is also reflected in the soft foam, which makes it comfortable to use even over 15, 30 and 60 minutes of swimming with the pullbuoy.
  • The design is made simple and stylish in a purple colour with the characteristic waves in a contrasting colour across
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    Customer Reviews

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    Works fine

    It works fine.

    Tina Frimodt Hansen
    Swim equipment

    Works really well. Fine material

    Tina Frimodt Hansen
    Swimming equipment

    Works really well. Great material

    Mårten Persson
    Simple website, fast delivery.


    Mårten Persson

    Simple website, fast delivery.

    Christina L.
    My boy is very satisfied

    My boy is very satisfied

    Pernille L.
    Super quick expedition

    Super quick expedition

    Line T.
    Lovely starting set

    The set is super as a beginner set and can follow the swimmer for a long time.

    Roger L.
    Very good

    Good email contact and fast service. Highly recommended.

    Tim D.
    Super product

    The item is super nice and lives up to expectations.

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