Watery bathing shoes for adults - Kawaii - Purple


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  • The shoes are non-slip and shock-absorbing with EVA soles
  • A particularly thick rubber sole of 2.5 mm that protects against sharp objects
  • Weighs only 190 grams per shoe

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  • The shoes are non-slip and shock-absorbing with EVA soles
  • A particularly thick rubber sole of 2.5 mm that protects against sharp objects
  • Weighs only 190 grams per shoe


You won't find more popular, lightweight, quick-drying, breathable and, not least, stylish bathing shoes. The extremely quick popularity of the kawaii bathing shoes has taken us by storm with +8,000 pairs sold over the summer, but we totally understand. Made in a very lightweight and flexible construction, equipped with a breathable mesh upper and a non-slip sole, you end up with the optimal swimming shoe for the beach, the pool, the swimming pool, the journey south and any kind of water sports activity. Also in a minimalist, Nordic design - here in the colour purple.

The shoe itself is made from a lightweight and flexible mesh net on the top, a solyte midsole with bounce-back function and a non-slip sole of 2.5 mm in vulcanized rubber with small holes, which provides a particularly breathable environment for the feet and makes the shoes quick-dry after any trip in water.

The Kawaii bathing shoes are made without straps or laces, but that just makes them easier to put on and take off. A smaller strap has been added at the back to make it even easier.

The most important purpose of a bathing shoe is of course to avoid slipping by the pool, stepping on broken glass or wet stones in the water. The sole is non-slip and with a water-grip function, which comes from the special design of the sole, allowing the water to rise up between the construction and thus giving you a firmly planted footing regardless of the situation or surface.

In the sole, the drainage holes are also added occasionally to the sole construction, which means that the water quickly seeps out of the shoe itself again and you avoid a shoe full of water after you get back up - therefore they are also suitable for hiking and the like. These drainage holes are made so small that neither a nail, a sharp stone nor anything toxic in the water can get into the shoe itself. This is due to the thicker 2.5mm vulcanized rubber sole.

This strong vulcanized rubber sole also continues up in front of the toes on the front, where typical swim shoes usually tear into the fabric or go up in joints if not particularly protected. This does not happen with these.

The upper part of the Kawaii swim shoe is also made of rubber, just more comfortable and flexible, providing the necessary elasticity for you to move exactly as you need without feeling discomfort or feeling restricted. This is also generally known to be particularly hard-wearing and durable, so they can hold up to most things.

Inside the bathing shoes themselves is a comfortable and shock-absorbing EVA sole (lighter and more flexible than typical soles), which gives a bounce-back sensation during running/walking, as well as avoiding hard shocks through the body.

This overall construction of the Kawaii bathing shoes also makes them particularly lightweight, so that they weigh only 190 grams per shoe. shoe.

Overall, you end up with a bathing shoe that is both particularly lightweight, breathable, durable and in a stylish Nordic design, which can be used for everything from yoga, aqua-jogging, hiking, the trip south, a trip to the beach or just a trip to the swimming pool.

Product specifications for the Kawaii bathing shoe

  • The shoe is seen here in the purple colour, but can also be found in dark blue, black and grey.
  • The bathing shoes are available in size 36-45 EU. Fits true to size.
  • Constructed of rubber on top, a vulcanized rubber sole on the bottom and shock-absorbing EVA sole inside the shoe itself.
  • A particularly thick rubber sole of 2.5 cm at the bottom, protects against sharp objects and animals, so that nothing gets into the feet themselves.
  • The shoes are non-slip and with a water-grip function, so you avoid slipping on stones or the edge of the pool, but can instead stand 100% firmly.
  • The mesh-constructed top of the shoe, ensures that the feet can breathe and that the shoes dry quickly after use.
  • The insole is a comfortable and shock-absorbing EVA sole, so you avoid hard shocks through the body.
  • Kawaii is made without straps / laces, but a strap at the back, which makes the bathing shoes easy and quick to put on and take off in a hurry.
  • Weighs only 190 grams per shoe that come from the lightweight material choices.

These bathing shoes from Watery have been voted Best for the Price - Adult in the category Bathing Shoes.


bedst til voksne - badekso

Read more about the award of Watery Kawaii bathing shoes, as Best At The Price in the category Swimming Shoes here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 169 reviews
Ann-Birgitt Lindgren
Bathing shoes

Am very pleased with my bathing shoes. Getting so happy when you scream about the whole course of events with my order. Very nice.

Anna Högberg
Bathing shoes

Very comfortable, sits well on the foot.

Liza Gibler
Badesko Kawaii

I love these bath shoes, have a pair I use on the beach and a pair for the swimming pool
Recommend them to others who need bath shoes

Birgitte Nielsen

Watery Bath Shoes for Adults - Kawaii - Black

Charlotte Greiersen
Fastest and fine service!

Easy ordering, definitely fastest delivery ever seen here with us and sweet mail 😀

Pia Stjernlund
Everything is good

Super bathing shoes

Karin Flåteteigen

Nice shoes with a good fit. Normal size.

Anette Bøgh
Super fast delivery

Great service and super fast delivery.

Peder Søndergaard
Super bathing shoes

They are firmly stuck to the foot. A fine product

Peder Søndergaard
Super swim shoes

They sit firmly on the foot. A great product

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