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Bathing ring

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Welcome to our wonderful selection of bathing rings where fun and relaxation meet on the surface of the water. Whether you dream of whizzing down a waterslide on your donut bathing ring or want to glide calmly on the water in an ele...
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  • Sunnylife bathing ring for kids - Heart - Sand
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  • Bestway swim ring (3-6) - Sealife - 56cm

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  • Bestway swim ring (3-6) - Sealife - Multi

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  • Bestway swim ring - Scentsational Lemon - 1.19 metres
  • Intex swim ring - Transparent Green - 76 cm

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  • Bestway swim ring - MINI Float - White

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  • Sunnylife swim ring - Treasure Rose - Pink
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Bathing ring

Welcome to our wonderful selection of bathing rings where fun and relaxation meet on the surface of the water. Whether you dream of whizzing down a waterslide on your donut bathing ring or want to glide calmly on the water in an elegant flamingo bathing ring, we have the perfect selection for you. Let's explore the different options together and discover how bathing rings can make your time in the water even more fun and comfortable.

What our bathing rings can do

Here you'll find inflatable bathing rings from Beco. They are one of the leading brands when it comes to water accessories, and for good reason. First of all, the quality is simply top-notch. You can be sure that your Beco bathing ring will last a long time and that the material is extremely solid. It works just as it should. Then there are the many beautiful colours and prints to make your trip to the beach a little more cool. The sky's the limit when it comes to accessories, so it's all about finding the right bathing ring to match your style.

Finally, the bathing rings from Beco are super safe to use. They contain no toxic substances and there are no sharp edges to cut yourself. So you can use them yourself or give them to your kids with a clear conscience. Of course, they are available in both adult and kids' sizes for the same reason. A small bonus of the bathing ring is that it takes up very little space when the air is out. This means you can bring along a super cool, gigantic water toy without overloading your car or suitcase.

Bathing rings in multiple shapes and colours

Extend your bathing experience with bathing rings in different shapes and colours that add a fun and colourful dimension to your time in the water. Whether you're at the beach, poolside or in a lake, there's a swim ring to suit every occasion and style. There are a myriad of different bathing rings, here are some of the most popular:

Donut Bathing Rings

Donut bathing rings have long been a favourite among swimmers of all ages. Inspired by the classic American donut, these colourful and delicious bathing rings add a festive vibe to your time in the water. They come in different sizes, colours and patterns, so you can find the perfect donut bathing ring to suit your personal style.

Donut bathing rings aren't just fun to look at; they're also extremely comfortable to sit or lie on. Their inflatable design provides a soft surface that makes it comfortable to float on the water or relax in the sun. Donut bathing rings are perfect for taking to the beach, pool parties or just for relaxing days by the pool.

Flamingo Bathing Rings

Imagine swimming around on the water like an elegant flamingo. Flamingo bathing rings are not only fun to use, but they also add a touch of glamour to your time in the water. These bathing rings are typically an impressive size and are perfect for sitting back and relaxing.

Flamingo bathing rings are designed with attention to detail and often feature realistic details like the flamingo neck and wings. They're also made from durable materials to ensure you can enjoy them for many summer seasons.

Unicorn Bathing Rings

Unicorn bathing rings bring magic and fantasy to your time in the water. Inspired by the legendary unicorn, these bath rings add an element of adventure to your bathing experience. With their bright colours and imaginative design, unicorn bathing rings will appeal to both kids and adults.

Unicorn bathing rings are also known for their comfortable and spacious seats that allow you to float relaxed on the water. They are perfect for kids who love adventure or for adults who want to revitalise their inner kid..

Bathing rings for sitting on

Sometimes you might just want to sit in the water and relax without worrying about lying down or floating around. A bathing ring to sit on is the ideal solution. These bathing rings are designed with a comfortable seat that allows you to sit comfortably in the water.

Available in different shapes and sizes, bathing rings to sit on are perfect for enjoying a book, chatting with friends or simply relaxing in the pool. They're also great for kids who want to splash around in the water without having to swim.

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So hurry up and get your new bathing ring now. It will be your best friend on the beach when the summer weather calls!

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