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Swim shirt

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With a swimsuit, you don't have to worry about getting sunburnt while bathing, swimming or playing at the beach. This is especially beneficial for kids, where it can be difficult for parents to keep an eye on whether they are protec...
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Swim shirt

With a swimsuit, you don't have to worry about getting sunburnt while bathing, swimming or playing at the beach. This is especially beneficial for kids, where it can be difficult for parents to keep an eye on whether they are protected from the sun's rays or need an extra layer of sun cream. In this category you will find swimwear that works just as well in the water as on land.

A swim shirt provides an extra layer of protection

As most people know, it's important to protect kids from the sun's harmful rays. However, this also applies to adults and the need is even greater when snorkelling. Here you are close to the surface of the water, but the sun's rays are beating down on your back.

It can be difficult to protect yourself with sunscreen, as 50% of waterproof sunscreen is washed off after 20 min. in the water. So even if you're well covered, there will always be a risk when your sunscreen washes off.

With a swimsuit, you don't have to worry about that, as you can ensure that there is always at least 98% UPF, which means that a minimal amount of the sun's rays reach your skin. A sure guarantee that you or your kid is protected as soon as you're in the water.

The right equipment for the right time

Swimwear doesn't have to be boring and uncomfortable, as long as you find the right way to wear it. A swimwear is made to be just as comfortable in the water as on land. You'll find that after a short time you won't even think about whether you're wearing it.

Therefore, it should of course also be combined with the right snorkelling equipment, such as a good diving kit, a good snorkel combined with a good diving mask and a good pair of swim fins.

As a swimsuit provides excellent protection from the sun's rays, it also offers a unique opportunity to explore life beneath the water's surface. It's all about having the right equipment, which can include a good pair of diving goggles.

However, you should consider a pair of swim shoes or diving shoes for kids, as they are at risk of stepping on sharp rocks, mussels or being hit by jellyfish.

Take care of your swim shirt

Just like any other swimwear, there are a few universal rules for extending their durability. In general, chlorine and salt water is very hard on virtually all materials, so it's important to rinse it out.

That's why you should always rinse your swimwear in cold fresh water after each use. This will extend their durability, and this is especially true for a swimwear.

Since swim shirts are meant to protect against the sun, it's important to keep its protection intact. The protection itself comes from the weave of the swim shirts, which is tightly woven to block UV rays. If you don't wash a swimwear properly, the weave will become loose and the UV protection will be lost.

Therefore, you should never tumble dry a swim shirt as this will stretch the fabric fibres. If the swim shirts does require machine washing, we recommend a maximum of 30 degrees, preferably on a gentle programme.

Afterwards, a swim shirt should be air-dried in the shade, as sunlight has the same effect as chlorine and salt water.

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