Orca wetsuit for women - S7 - Black/orange


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This is a women's wetsuit designed specifically for open-water swimming, where quality and high visibility are a high priority. The suit is especially ideal for open-water swimmers who are at beginner level.

See product video with specifications

Since it is a wetsuit for people around beginner level and up, there is increased buoyancy in the suit. This means that you float more easily to the surface, while the suit is still flexible.
  • 5mm thick neoprene around hips and legs.
  • 2mm Yamamoto neoprene around the panels at shoulders and arms.

It has a super cool design mainly in black and bright orange around the shoulder, a bit down the sleeves and graphic design on the back. A bonus is that there is SCS coating which reduces friction and increases your speed.

Due to the choice of material, you get a wetsuit that helps you float more easily, without compromising on flexibility when you are in the water.

Features of the S7 wetsuit from Orca:

  • Combination of 5mm and 2mm neoprene which provides optimal buoyancy for.
  • High visibility due to the color choice on the suit.
  • Lining around the neck to avoid chafing

Material and recyclability

Orca wetsuits are made from quality neoprene extracted from limestone rather than inferior quality extracted from oil. The general properties of quality neoprene not only contribute to better performance but also ensure maximum durability.

Sustainable materials, such as recyclable polyamide, is becoming increasingly important in clothing, which Orca uses in production.

To minimize the environmental impact, Orca's entire range of wetsuits and accessories will be packed with recycled cardboard instead of single-use plastic from 2023.

Cleaning of wetsuits

Neoprene can be damaged by too much salt (in the sea) or too much chlorine (in a swimming pool). It is important to clean the wetsuit with water and a bit of pH-neutral soap to maintain the neoprene optimally.

It is important that the wetsuit is allowed to dry so that there is no more moisture left. It can either be done indoors (with good ventilation) or outdoors, without direct sunlight, as this can damage the materials.

Wetsuit storage

The optimal way to store the wetsuit is by hanging it over the memory so that it does not fold on the most sensitive areas (shoulders, arms, legs).

This ensures that the materials are not folded and strained over a longer period of time, thereby extending the durability and aesthetics of the wetsuit.

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Overview in video:
- 00:00 to 00:54 = Overview of the names of the different wetsuits (Orca Core, Orca S7, TYR Hurricane C1, Orca Equip and finally Orca Sonar in that order)
- 00:54 to 06:52 = In-depth review of features and level of each individual wetsuit (Orca Core, Orca S7, TYR Hurricane C1, Orca Equip and finally Orca Sonar in that order)
- 06:52 to 08:10 = Recommendations of the best wetsuit for you depending on price/level/features (see them below)

Recommendations in video
- Orca Squad/Core = Beginner / No focus on speed, just cheap and good to go / gives good buoyancy / cheapest wetsuit
- Orca S7 and TYR Hurricane = Beginner / speed is a bit important / high buoyancy, less flexibility / best beginner wetsuit
- Orca Equip = Good swimming / best for experienced swimmers / maximum flexibility but less buoyancy
- Orca Sonar = Good swimmer or beginner who wants the best of both (flexibility and buoyancy) / Most versatile wetsuit

This wetsuit from Orca has been voted Best For Practitioners in the Wetsuits category.

bedst i test - våddragt

Read more about the selection of the Orca S7 2023 wetsuit as Best For Practitioners in the category Wetsuits here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kristina Eriksson
Super nice and good wetsuit

Super nice and good wetsuit just as it was described. Super satisfied

Lone G.
Warm and flexible.

Pleasant suit. A little much buoyancy for breast swimming.

Christine Dahlman Jacobsen
New personal record with new Orca wet suit

New Personal Record on the Vansbrosimning :)

Christine Dahlman Jacobsen
New personal record with new orca wet suit

New Personal Record in Vansbrosimning :)

Dan Salomonsson
Fast delivery and clear website

Fast delivery and clear website.

Pernille P.
Sitting perfectly

The wet suit sits as it should and it meets all my needs for OW.

Lykke H.
Good and clear website, with

Good and clear website, with fast delivery.

Lotte H.

My first wetsuit! Easy to get on - the size estimate was correct - and good movement in the water.

Claire G.
ORCA S7 wetsuit

Fits perfectly, nice to wear.

Jane P.
Wet suit

I am pleasantly surprised at how well it sits. Only problem is that I can't close it myself. But have already had really long swimming in it.

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